Do I Miss Making Video?

This is a repost of an article that is up on There’s some great articles on there from the rest of our team – it’s well worth heading over for a look..   One of the questions I get asked most frequently, is do I miss being a Producer. As in, actually making video [...]

Welcome to the Future, today

Okay – so the title is a bit cheesy. But it’s kind of apt. Plus – how often do you get to say it? If you mosey on over to the Aframe site: you may notice that our site, and our message has just got a bit more aggressive in its tone. And about [...]

In response to Mike Butcher’s .44 Magnum Post (sorry it’s late, I’m in the US)

It’s not often that I respond to someone’s blog post. It’s not often that I blog full stop – I tend to live on Twitter now. However, Mike Butcher’s Techcrunch Post Why Startups Should Be .44 Magnums made me both grin from ear to ear and breathe a sigh of relief. Even the use of [...]

The Ticking Time Bomb – 40% of production footage is lost forever.

I’ve finally stuck my head above the parapet. And it feels good. I’ve had my head down getting Aframe out of Private Beta – and it’s been an amazing feeling as we’ve picked up clients and launched our pricing to the world. It’s not difficult to imagine what the reaction has been to giving anyone [...]

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I’ve been having great fun with the various guesses as to what I am up to at the moment.  But I am very sad to say that the truth has finally come out, and I am truly gutted that it has only taken a short week and a half for everyone to get to the [...]

Its in the press….

Well, its all out in the open and the phone has been buzzing. Its virtually a carbon copy of the release that was sent out.  (The title of this post is a link to the article.) I never quite thought that my leaving somewhere would merit a headline story, but apparently it does. I guess [...]